Ten Questions with Janice Tieken


imageOrchid Requiem: Courtship (detail)

It is with great pleasure and respect that we present Janice Tieken. Her work has such an enchanted and poetic presence, light on its feet but powerful— visual poetry.

Janice Tieken attended Brown University in Rhode Island, graduated from Otis Art Institute in 1974 with a BFA, has an MA in psychology and maintains her California Marriage Family Therapist license though on hiatus from that profession. She brought art AS therapy to various populations with serious mental illness diagnoses, using the act of making art itself to enhance the sense of creativity and self-esteem in those who very much need that support and boost. She also wrote a recovery book via a HUD grant for earthquake survivors – Homeward Bound – and won a large grant to design and administer Project COPE, a program for disaster preparedness training, both physical and emotional. During these years her own art pursuits were squeezed into spare time until she could return to it full time in 2001.

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